Indoor Unit For Microwave Links : ExcelWave   

ExcelWave is optimized especially for high speed Ethernet networking, but with the help of “ExcelMux” which is an “extension multiplexer module” its function can be extended to universal hybrid system for mixed PDH and Ethernet transmission.

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Following are designs available for ExcelWave Indoor Unit.


SINGLE Software which gives basic Ethernet functionality. One WAN ETH channel is available for over air transmission with highest possible throughput.

MULTI – Software which is prepared for mix of PDH/ETH or for multichannel ETH applications.

AGGREGATE – Software which offers 2+0 functionality. Two IDUs must be interconnected by means of SFP modules and fibre optic cable. The main difference compared to standard Ethernet trunking is true capacity increase which doesn't depend on MAC header of IP packet.

PROTECTED – Software which ensures 1+1. Two IDUs must be interconnected by means of SFP modules and fibre optic cable. Such protection offers 1+1 in HSB and SD modes.

AES-128 OPTION – additional traffic encryption feature according to AES-128 definition.



additional support of precision time protocol according to IEEE 1588 definition

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