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Collaborative Software Based Video Conference System :

A software Based Video Conferencing system does not require dedicated lines and network re-engineering resulting in a huge price reduction in comparison to the traditional hardware based Video Conference systems. Based on advanced design idea and development mode, the collaborative video conference system includes video conference and collaborative office, which helps the enterprises to fast build up office platform and easily hold online video conferences. 

ExcelNetworks Video conference has clear and smooth picture quality, the sound is real-time with high fidelity, the electronic whiteboard and other conference collaboration capacities are among the leaders of the same types, and assures convenient applications.


Cooperative Office :

The administrator in the collaboration system can establish organization catalogue according to the personnel structure, and the employees can conveniently communicate with colleagues through the catalogue.other features include :




Telepresence Applications :

As the representative product with full functions and leading technology in the industry, the collaborative video conference system is widely applied in network video conference, collaborative office, online training, remote medical treatment, remote education and many other applications.




Pre-Wimax Radios


Wir sind in hoher Leistung, Wireless, Embedded-und Open-Source-basierter Produkte spezialisiert. (Neue N-Serie Radios bis zu 300Mbps) Erfahren Sie mehr



Collaborative Software basierte Video-Konferenz-System und Office Automation folgenden Seite.


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