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Point-to-Point  Links (PTP) :


Point-to-point telecommunications generally refers to a connection restricted to two endpoints.

Point-to-point is sometimes referred to as P2P, or Pt2Pt, or variations of this.

Point-to-point is distinct from point-to-multipoint where point-to-multipoint also refers to broadcast or downlink. 

More recently, the term point-to-point telecommunications relates to wireless data communications for Internet or Voice over IP via radio frequencies in the multi-gigahertz range. It also includes technologies such as laser for telecommunications but in all cases expects that the transmission medium is line of sight and capable of being fairly tightly beamed from transmitter to receiver. 

Point To Point (PTP) links are easily established via all products but S or I(Single RF port or integrated) series are the best choice in case of a simple PTP link . 

Based on the application one can transfer Video, Voice or/and Data between two distant sections of a discrete network. 

Typical distance of PTP links are relative to many environmental (Humidity, Noise,..) and technical (Antenna gain, Tx output power,..) and the maximum distance can reach up to more than 200 Km in case of direct Line of Sight between two points. 

However usually after 40-50 Km due to earth natural curvature the line of sight requirements won't be achievable.


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