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OEM / ODM Services :

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Apart from professionally designing, developing and manufacturing innovative networking products, EXCELNETWORKS is highly specialized in OEM/ ODM Project Management. Our ultimate goal is to provide our esteemed customers with high-quality, cost-effective and well-customized networking products under their brand names in the shortest lead time. 

Our service-oriented Project Managers are familiar with OEM/ ODM procedures. The assigned Project Manager will serve as the sole contact window to facilitate and smooth all the necessary communications related to your OEM/ ODM projects. They not only take care of customers' technical requirements and conduct verifications of all the customization details to ensure the product quality, but also strictly audit the execution of each planned progress in the order treatments to keep the lead time. Furthermore, our in-house artists have years of experience with artworks design. They are pleased to create the artworks as your wishes or simply follow your existing design style, in case your orders meet our OEM/ ODM MOQ (Minimum of Quantity) by item.

In brief, we are more than willing to share with you our extensive knowledge of networking technologies/ products, our abundant experience with OEM/ ODM projects as well as our good contacts with strategic partners and chipset vendors. All what we do is to help you build up a profitable networking product line under your brand name and launch individual products in a professional way and at the right time. Thus you can maintain a value-added and consistent brand image so as to get a superb product positioning and take over the targeted market share. 

With EXCELNETWORKS, you are experiencing the most comprehensive, professional and efficient OEM/ ODM services in the world.


Pre-Wimax Radios


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Mit OEM / ODM alles, was wir tun ist, um Ihnen dabei helfen, ein profitables Netzwerk-Produktlinie unter dem Markennamen und starten Sie einzelne Produkte in einer professionellen Art und Weise und zum richtigen Zeitpunkt.